Epic fantasy genre page

New genre pages

We’ve recently added new dedicated genre pages to Bookhype, which allows you to more easily find books within a genre you’re interested in.

So far we have pages for:

Soon we’ll be adding one for Young Adult as well. (I know, “Young Adult” isn’t really a genre; it’s an age group. But publishers have a completely different category for YA so it’s easier for us to follow that. For example, there’s Fiction > Fantasy, which is treated as adult fantasy; then there’s YA Fiction > Fantasy, which is an entirely separate category.)

Clicking through to a genre page will show you content including:

  • Any sub-genres, if available
  • Recently released books
  • Books that are coming soon
  • New series
  • Recently completed series

The content within those pages has already been accessible through various search features on the site, so that’s not really new. But what is new is grouping them all together and neatly in one place.

We hope you enjoy!