Email alerts are coming soon!

In case you missed it, we’re working on email alerts!

Email alert about new releases in your library

This will be a weekly email that goes out to anyone that has “Email Notifications” enabled in their settings. It will feature two things:

  1. Books in your library that are releasing over the next week.
  2. Any books that have automatically been added to your library over the past week. This will be books in series you are following.

Right now the alerts are only enabled on my account while I do a bit more testing, but hopefully we’re just a week or two away from launching them!

Other updates

We’ve made a bunch of changes over the past few weeks – some big and some small. Including:

  • We now show the “Out of Print” date on the edition page. We can’t guarantee we’ll always have the date for out of print books, but so far it’s been added to over 6 million books in our database!
  • We’ve made some significant progress on prerequisites for our librarian program. We now have some pretty extensive logs for all changes that happen around the site. We only launched this three days ago, but so far I’ve apparently done over 1,000 edits to books on the site! O_O

"If I Fix You" by Abigail Johnson with 4 ratings, 2 reviews, and 7 shelved
  • We now show review and shelf counts on edition pages.
  • Your overall stats page will now show “Most read authors”.
  • …and more!